Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Design Brief

Having talked about the structure of the existing house at length, I suppose I ought to talk a little bit about what I would like to do with it during the renovation. My intention is to retain the period features where possible and to repair the existing structure as needed. As you might have guessed from the previous posts I will be replacing the UPVC windows, and possibly the front door (single glazed and badly fitted). Most of the existing roof will be getting replaced as well - although the front elevation will be similar to how it is now with the addition of some rooflights.

The layout on the ground floor (existing plans are shown above) is a result of the house being used for bedsits in the past and the old kitchen is currently the bathroom with a store/ WC sat in the middle. So the main aim here is to get the bathroom back upstairs where it belongs - giving more space to the living area. Of course this then means losing a bedroom on the 1st Floor. In order to keep the number of bedrooms and generally create more space we will be extending up into the roofspace (from the existing ridge backwards). The kitchen is also past its sell-by date so this will be replaced.

The result of the extension into the loft is that the hall stair will need to be enclosed and all the doors from habitable rooms (bedrooms and living room) onto the stair and landings will need to be of fire rated construction (FR30). This accounts for pretty much all the existing doors being replaced (none of them are original anyway). Another implication of this is that the plumbing will now have to extend up another 2 floors, so some duct space will be necessary and possibly a new boiler will be needed.

In the course of doing all this, most of the electrics will need upgrading/ replacing, and we will be taking the opportunity to add things like internet access and TV aerial points where needed. One bathroom will be stretched as the kids get older so an ensuite is planned for the new 2nd floor, and a cloakroom will be added on the ground floor. We will also try to add some sound insulation between the floors as we go.

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